"One Flew Over The Kyriacou's Nest"

So I'll be working on my first hour this year, all performances in 2019 will be a Work-in-progress to get it into shape for Edinburgh 2020 and then it will be recorded and on to the next thing.

Currently booking previews before Brighton Fringe (all dates can be found on the gig list), the first likely to be on Friday 12th April at The Rose and Crown in Kentish Town, for 7:30pm start. Its free so come and watch my show so you can see it again at the fringe and go "I'm glad that's improved". It will be fun because I'll be trying to make you laugh for an hour and when else in your life does someone put so much effort just to make you giggle. So I obviously already love you more than your friends and family.

Let's do this again sometime,


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